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A Conversation With Alejandro Jodorowsky (What is Art?)

A Conversation With Alejandro Jodorowsky (What is Art?)

One of the legends of ’70s cinema, a vanguard of the midnight movie, and just as famous for films he didn’t make as the films he did, Jodorowsky is not an artist whose body of work can be easily described. Cineastes around the world·

Alejandro Jodorowsky: Film, comics and conversation

Alejandro Jodorowsky is the director behind cult western El Topo, the John Lennon backed The Holy Mountain and first attempts to film Frank Herbert’s Dune. He is a prolific creator of comics, many illustrated by Moebius, and an authority·

Zane Lowe meets…. Rick Rubin

Zane meets legendary music producer Rick Rubin, one of the most important musical figures of all time. Facilities courtesy of Amos Clarke & Eric Lynn Produced by Lee Edmenson·

Like Stories of Old (Philosophical video essays on films)

Movies have always had a strong impact on me, they affect the way I look at the world and help make me a better person. With this channel I want to explore this boundary between film analysis and life lessons, because I believe that movies, just·